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Pro Cap

Pro Cap


The Minerva Pro Cap uses simple eyelets punched into the brim to conviniently stow in-ear-pro such as our favorites, the Surefire sonic defenders.


Too many times have we lost smaller ear-pro out on the ranges or had them buried under excess kit. By tieing the cords through the mesh into a simple knot, you always have ear-pro at your disposal. Its not rocket surgery how these attach to the cap, its just simple and it works!


This is a great accessory to have next to the truck gun, in the range bag, noisy workshop or at that Rock concert if you're conscious about protecting your ears.


The surefire plugs pop off the cord so you can switch them round without untieing, for those backwards hat moments and get them cleaned easily.


Option to buy with or without Surefire EP5 Sonic Defenders. With or without the eyelets.


Check out the video for a simple installation guide.




Caps are Richardson 112 (Black) and Yupoong Classic Trucker (Camo)



UK/World IPO design registration.

US and foreign patents pending.

Expected to Ship NLT mid February
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