MOBE Dump Pouch Lite

MOBE Dump Pouch Lite


This is the 'Lite' version of our MOBE Dump pouch.


Made from the same tough mesh using the same shock cord closure and multicam laminate backer. Like the original MOBE this mounts behind magazine or small utility pouches to maximise belt space.


What makes this version lite?

We have removed a large portion of the internal webbing stiffener to allow it to fold up into its new elastic stow loop whilt still retaining the required rigidity. The stow loop sits out of the way down behind the pouch when deployed but is conveniently there to stretch round to fold the bag away when not in use or placed into lockers or storage trunks. During testing we found this method superior to using velcro or bungee retention methods.

We also double stitch the mesh together without the use of binding tape inernally. Again, this reduces the stiffness of the bag allowing it to stow and also saves manufacturing time, and therefore money, while still being strong and secure.

We have also removed the glow marker on the inside and the thigh bungee strap to further reduce bulk, time and costs.