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Sidekick Pouch Chassis

Sidekick Pouch Chassis


The sidekick pouch is a soft 500d cordura, loop lined, double kangaroo pocket that can host a variety of inserts and accessories. It remains cross compatible with inserts from other brands.


The sidekick is a versitile little guy and can be used as:


- Shoulder bag/Fannypack.

With the simple strap that comes with the basic chassis, this pouch an be used as a small shoulder bag or fannypack carrying ammunition, medical supplies and other smaller items such as head torches and multitools. You could use this in conjuction with a truck gun or simply a grab bag next to your gun in the safe. Load it up with 9mm or 5.56, or a combination of both, add a couple of TQs and you're good to go.


- Belt pouch.

The sidekick can be attached straight to a shooter belt using the included one-wrap strips and can add up to 4 x 5.56mm rifle mags to your load.  A pistol instructor friend of ours has used it to simply hold 6 x 17rnd Glock mags on his belt while hosting a class.


- Molle pouch.

The sidekick can mount to molle vests and pate carriers with the use of Malice clips or WTF Straps (not included) while still offering the bag of triks with its inserts. This is thanks to the laser cut laminate backer offering the mounting slots.


- Chest rig side pouches.

The laser cut laminate backer allows 1" chest rig side-straps to pass-through, mounting the pouch between a front rig and a rear pack. This function was originally designed for use with the Haley Strategic Micro and their Flatpack. The pouch can also hold 6x6 armor plates if desired when worn like this on the sides.




Current Insert options:


Double 5.56

1+2 Mag Insert

Triple 9mm

Pocket Flap

Zip Insert

Med Board


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