Minerva Modular Chest Rig Chassis

Minerva Modular Chest Rig Chassis


The Minerva Modular Chest rig is a fixed, two pocket design. The front and rear pockets are loop lined for accessory inserts. The front of the rear bag has two integrated laser-cut molle panels for additional pouches.



The rear pouch is perfectly sized to hold 4 x 5.56 Magazines or 3x 7.62x51 Nato Magazines.

The Front pouch is sized to hold an additional 2x 5.56 Magazines or our Rip-Admin Pouch.


Genuine First Spear Tubes compliment the rig offering quick detach capability between the chassis and the strap system.


The rig has a hook backing for attaching J-TAC boards or danglers and can attach to various plate carriers if required with an elastic cummerbund/tubes system.


Available Minerva brand modular Accessories:

Elastic 4x 5.56 Insert

Elastic 2x 5.56 Insert

Elastic 3x 7.62 Nato Insert

Elastic triple Pistol Mag insert

Quad Kydex 5.56 Insert

Front Pocket Flap

Front Pocket Rip-Admin Pouch

Carry Cummerbund Tubes (For plate Carriers)


This rig is compatible with other similar insert systems on the market - Nothing proprietary here.


Accessories sold separately

Price is for CHASSIS ONLY